Monday, May 13, 2013


If you feel I've been posting a little too often about our animals lately, you are welcome to skip this. :o)

Last week, we had enormous problems with our goats. They escaped several times and ruined our neighbours' gardens, our landlord complained of the damage they did to the trees on the property, and I was running a fever and instead of resting had to run all over the place chasing goats... we sat down and thought about it, and realized that practically our only option to control them would be extensive (and expensive), very strong fencing, which we didn't feel we could afford, given that the place where we live is rented, and so any investment would be lost once we leave. 

So, after a lot of wrestling, we traded our goats for two pygmy does, some cash, and some Brahma eggs for our incubator. It was a hard decision, but we know they went to a good home and hopefully, now we'll have less upkeep, less feed costs, and less damage if our little goats do escape. Perhaps once, if/when we own our own place and it is possible, we can keep larger goats once more.

On the up side, they are really cute. Here's a picture of one of them... the other looks just the same. I believe they are twin sisters. They are one year old, and about as tall as my knee. 

We haven't decided on names yet. What do you think? 


Anonymous said...

Maybe name them Orpah and Ruth?

We've been thinking of getting goats. In fact, the kids and I might be going to pick up a Sannen doe that's currently in milk, along with her doeling, today!

Was it easy learning to milk? This will be my first time milking and I'm a little nervous about getting it done correctly.


Mrs. Anna T said...

Genipher, milking is really straightforward... think that men, women and even small children have been doing it for a long time! A few times and you get the hang of it. Saanens are sweet-natured and great milkers, I really wish we could keep a couple of these big girls here.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I love the animal post!
I have never had goats, but I love goat cheese. May you have a wonderful week.
Blessings, Roxy