Thursday, May 9, 2013


Quote from a poultry forum: "When your eggs are in the hatching stage, you need two things - a thick rope and a good friend. Ask the friend to tie you up and only release you when the hatching process is complete, so you won't do any damage by meddling!"

Well, it really is difficult to keep one's hands to oneself... but I did my best by reminding myself that chicks who are struggling to come out of their eggs need high humidity levels, and every time I open the lid I let moisture out. Fortunately, when my husband came from work he quickly fixed a transparent lid to the incubator, so we could watch the process for as long as we liked. 

Four chicks hatched last night, another today just a couple of hours ago, and two more eggs are making progress. So far, so good.

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Lady Anne said...

Oh, I know what you mean! Mothers always want to "help" - just a little push, a little peek - you know how that goes. But, boy, we do want to get in there and meddle, don't we?