Sunday, June 23, 2013

A chicken loft

Just thought I'd share with you this little project my husband tackled last Friday. 

Until now, our chickens have been nesting on the ground, and things were fine; but recently, a broody hen nesting in a lemongrass clump lost her clutch of eggs, presumably to a snake. This prompted my husband to construct this very simple chicken loft, near the roof of the goat house (where our chickens prefer to spend most of their time nowadays).

It's just a wooden crate that was given to us by a friend (who knew we'll find some use for it :o)), secured with the help of some nails and a salvaged metal frame acting as a shelf. A wooden frame leading to the crate is propped up to act as a chicken ladder, and a nesting box is placed inside. 

The hen who suffered the loss of her eggs seems to like this new place much more, and obliged us by laying there yesterday. I'm hopeful that she will have time to go broody again and hatch more chicks by the end of summer. 


living from glory to glory said...

I think your chickens will love it as they do like to be up high. Our chickens lay on the ground some times but they prefer their box.
I love fresh eggs they are so much better for you. May you enjoy the season. Blessings, Roxy

Charity said...

The project seems to have turned out very nicely. What breed is your broody hen?

Mrs. Anna T said...

Charity, she's a cross between RIR and Speckled Sussex (I think) and went broody twice this summer already.

Charity said...

Thanks for letting me know the breed. We'd like to add some broody hens to our laying flock, so are trying to figure out which breeds would be most likely to have that quality.

I'm sure your girls must enjoy your chickens!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Charity, just thought I'd mention that this isn't a very typical broody... neither RIRs nor Sussex are known to be very broody, but our hen surprised us. I know that Cochins, Orpingtons and Silkies, among others, go broody a lot. I also have young Brahmas who come from a line of broodies.

Rose Godfrey said...

We had a chicken who would always lay her eggs in the hollow of a big walnut tree we had in the yard.

Madeleine from Australia said...

This is the first time I have commented on your blog, but I have been reading it for a few months now and would like to say that it is HIGHLY inspirational.
Good luck with the baby chicks!

Madeleine from Australia