Thursday, June 27, 2013


Dear readers,

Someone hijacked my blog URL, as some of you probably have noticed. It automatically redirects to an irrelevant site. I am currently working on solving the problem; do wish me success. I will try to keep you updated.

Thanks for everything,


UPDATE: Problem solved. For now. I recommend everyone to increase as much as possible the security of your Google accounts.


Sharon said...

I'm having the same problem with my blog - would you be willing to share how you fixed yours? I'm stumped as to how to fix the redirect to craftblips. Thanks!

smarcoux said...

the same thing has happened to me and I cannot get to my webpage without it redirecting so quickly I cannot get to my dashboard to change things .. how did you do it ..

Mrs. Anna T said...

Sharon and smarcoux, in my case I was able to get to the Dashboard - and then I looked at the page displaying my blog layout, complete with sidebar gadgets and HTML code... and there was a foreign gadget, appeared there I don't know how, with HTML code of redirecting to craftblips. I removed it, and that solved the problem. I then also changed my Google password. Good luck to you!