Monday, June 10, 2013

What I've been up to lately

Summer is at its peak now, and longer days mean later bedtime and therefore, much more action packed into each day. Life rolls on here, with its many interesting activities such as baking, cooking, reading, taking care of the various critters, trips to the playgrounds, day trips, visiting with friends, and many other simple things we all love.

* I've been enjoying this lovely gift from my husband: a set of beautiful flower-patterened mugs. I've wanted just such mugs for a while, but never got around to mentioning it... and so, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was so discover my dream set among the week's shopping bags. And yesterday, I got a matching-patterned tablecloth as well! Don't they look just perfect together? 

* I'm just now discovering John Holt's writings, and greatly enjoying them. Almost all of his books are downloadable for free in PDF form, a fact of which I took advantage. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and are continuing on to a wonderful week! 

With warm friendship,

Mrs. T


Rose said...

How very lovely of Mr T! Gorgeous mug and tablecloth. I used to use John Holt's works when I was teaching.

Mrs.Rabe said...

What pretty rose patterned cups and tablecloth!

Very special.


carmen said...

Hi Ana,

I was just wondering if you ever came across the Montessori educational ideas. I became interested in them after one of my PhD colleagues told me he went to a Montessori school - because he is one of the most impressive researchers I have seen, with a true spirit of inquisitiveness, and confidence to follow his ideas through, despite the potential danger of failure. I've met plenty of intelligent people, but he has this extra confidence and boldness about learning that I really admire.

So I found out that Maria Montessori started working with handicapped children, and then moved on to managing a class of normal children belonging to poor families who had to work all day and needed someone to keep the children off the streets mostly. But she studied these children and developed these methods and materials which allowed them to learn by themselves and follow their own instincts, with guidance from a supervisor.

There are several books from Dorothy Fisher which discuss how these ideas can be adapted to the homeschooling environment, but she does mention that there is a certain advantage in having a larger number of children learning together, as they are more motivated to imitate each other especially if the environment is designed for them (unlike some modern homes where things are designed for adult comfort and entertainment, and there isn't much that children are allowed to touch and handle). The Dorothy Fisher books are available online too. I would love to discuss these ideas with someone (can't think of many interested people though). I've read A Montessori Mother and Self Reliance. This is the link for them


Kim said...

Oh how pretty!. How thoughtful of Mr. T. Enjoy and use it well.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Carmen, I've heard a bit about the Montessori method and it sounds interesting; I don't think I'd ever apply it accurately, because I'm too eclectic, but you're definitely right that in many homes children are hardly allowed to touch everything. That is not a stimulating environment; a house is not a museum piece.