Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A few days later...

Dear ladies,

As it sporadically happens here, we spent another few days without an internet connection, which I can honestly say did me all the good in the world, freeing me from distractions and allowing me much more peaceful days. Actually, today when I logged on and saw that the internet is back, I had half a mind to pretend that it's still off. :o) But then I decided to just take everything very slowly, and catch up, by and by, with my pending emails and everything else that must be done (our sales ads, research for information, etc). 

So... what have we been up to?

Last Saturday was my birthday. On Friday, my husband took me on a surprise trip to a chicken breeder I have long admired, by reputation and by the photos of her amazing birds. Well, the reality far surpassed anything I imagined; the variety and beauty of her heirloom breeds were staggering, I could hardly wrap my mind around the fact that one person takes care of them all. I wish I had brought my camera along!.. Her Silkies were especially beautiful, and we drove home with some Silkie eggs, which are now in the incubator. I do hope they are good and fertile, and will provide us with some beautiful cuddly pets. :o)

The little Leghorns who were in need of physical therapy are now all walking upright and thriving, by the way.

The summer, beautiful bountiful summer, is in full bloom, and fruit are ripening on trees. A couple of days ago we made a lovely walk to the ancient carob tree that grows hereabouts, and enjoyed the first sweet fruit of the season. Now waiting for figs, and our lemon tree is making some promises as well. 

I hope you are all having a lovely season, wherever you are; and expect to catch up with you again soon. How happy I am that this blog is a peaceful place, for me and for others, and that many of you are encouraged to send me personal messages, be it via comment or email. 

With friendship,

Mrs. T


Rose said...

Happy birthday for last week Anna dear and all the best for the year ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hello anna, I have been to your blog many time. It truly is so encouraging and refreshing.From your example you made me appreciate my family in a whole new way. To also to see my home as place of adventure and fun.You shown to slow down and to literally to stop and smell the roses and to take in all of nature beauty. So thank you for the great role model you for countless young women and girls.

momto9 said...

Happy birthday!! How old are you?

Mrs. Anna T said...

momto9, I'm 28. :o)