Monday, July 29, 2013

And summer goes on...

... with all the good things, for many of which I really wish I had a camera, but somehow I can't find the battery charger - and so we just enjoy, day by day, the simple pleasures of summer: long days and pleasant evenings, splashing about in the wading pool and rocking in the hammock, homemade lemonade, chilled watermelon and corn on the cob. 

* My birthday present Silkie eggs have all hatched successfully, and now I have four Silkie chicks: two black, one white and one grey. Hopefully, they will grow and thrive, and become much loved pets.

* I have roasted another batch of carobs, and we also began harvesting figs; we pick the ripe ones every few days. So far, just enjoying them fresh and still warm from the sun, but I hope to have enough to dry as well this year. 

* As you might now, we don't have a real vegetable garden (we only grow what the chickens won't eat :o)), but my husband was fortunate enough to receive a big box of tomatoes which were just at that ripe-and-ready stage that meant they need to be used up quickly; yesterday, I spent part of the morning coring and chopping the tomatoes, and stewed them with some onions and mushrooms to make delicious tomato salsa, which was just lovely as pasta sauce. I used up part of it yesterday, and froze part for a quick meal sometime next week.

Smoky Tomato Salsa Recipe
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momto9 said...

The days are so pleasantly busy here too and I find myself thinking I should blog about this or that and then it's evening again.
It was lovely to hear from you as always

maria smith said...

I agree with you, these days of summer are wonderful. Ours are winding down and we're slowing down too. Less trips and outings, more days of peace at home, and, not to be missed, the last of our deep cleaning