Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An internet fast

Once more, I find myself without regular internet connection - with hardly any internet access at all, actually. We are able to get some access through my husband's mobile phone, but naturally, it isn't much. And when I sit down to look at my email inbox, I am overwhelmed: "oh no, I have 32 Facebook messages!", or "wow, I will never be able to read all these newsletters."

It really does take an effort to sit down, stop, take a deep breath and say: This Isn't My Job. No one hired me to do it; no one is paying me to do it; I need not feel guilty for not being able to poke people back on Facebook or reply to a message someone sent me on the Backyardchickens forum. I need not feel guilty for not always being instantly accessible, or for not researching information as quickly as I otherwise could have, or for not keeping up with news/websites/blogs.

My life's work, currently, is to keep the house good and livable; to cook nutritious meals for my family; to look after my children and spend time with them. When I do have some leisure time to spend in front of the computer, I now mostly work on my writing projects. I miss having a 24/6 internet connection and the instant access to information, music, films, lectures and online communities it allows, and I know I will be glad when we are able to establish it once again. But maybe, just maybe, I will also miss the reduced level of distraction, and the extra time I miraculously have on my hands (you won't believe it, but I have finally caught up on my ironing).

In one of these rare online times, I couldn't resist just popping in here for a few minutes and saying hello to all you dear friends. I do so miss reading your blogs and keeping in touch by email, and hope to be back, eventually, on a more constant basis. Until then, I am off to enjoy summer, and all the good things in life... offline. 


Lady Anne said...

Oh, Anna, you are so right! It's simply amazing how much more I can get done around here when the Internet isn't singing its siren song. I *try* to limit myself to an hour and a half a day, but somehow I end up sneaking in to take one more quick look. And I'm not even on Facebook!

Annie said...

Well, sometimes these restrictions can be a blessing. When we had no hot water for a few months it changed my quick showering routine into heating a big pot of water and bathing by hand. It became thoughtful and meditative.Enjoy your time away. I look forward to reading your posts again when you return. :)

maria smith said...

It's so important for us moms to remember that our days of cooking, spending day with our little ones and being our family's cleaning service are days fulfilling a high calling! Good for you!