Monday, August 5, 2013

More images of summer

I'm beginning to think that, in a way, it's better for me to have just enough internet time to check my emails and answer some of them, do the little this and that I need to do online... and post here from time to time, of course! The inconsistency of our internet connection lately has really been a blessing in disguise. Some of my friends must have thought me a very unsatisfactory correspondent, but overall, I'm amazed at the amount of things accomplished - who would have thought it.

Below are a couple of photos from a recent day trip of ours. I especially love the picture of the tree that had been cut down almost completely, but continues to grow against all odds. I find it very symbolic.


Lighthearted Dwellings Mom said...

Oh that tree in that last picture is BEAUTIFUL!

maria smith said...

I love that tree too! I have a beautiful one in my back yard. Gazing at the majestic tree gives me a peace of knowing God is in control. Sometimes I take a break from mothering, housekeeping and all that good stuff and just enjoy the countryside that is my backyard :)