Monday, September 16, 2013

Holidays, full steam ahead!

In case you are wondering, I am still recovering from my post-Rosh-HaShana cold, but we are already past Yom Kippur (which was the most difficult fast I've ever done in my life, including the times when I was pregnant and/or nursing), and going full steam ahead to Sukkot. We spent a busy morning in the kitchen today, making challah for the holiday, and by and by I also got the soup going for today's dinner. The day is sunshiny and breezy, there is washing on the line, and the cooking schedule is full. Tomorrow I plan to make pot-roast chicken legs with plenty of veggies, peppers stuffed with rice and meat, and our perennial eggplant dip. 

And, just because this is my biased and unprofessional blog, on which I can write whatever, whenever and however I want, I will take advantage of that and just voice a few thoughts that have popped into my head lately.

* People (at least in my country) are more shocked by other people choosing to educate their children at home, than by same-sex relationships (marriages?.. unions?.. I truly don't know how to define it...). Don't you think there is something disturbing about this fact?

* A mother who chooses to stay home with her children is either pitied or thought to be incapable of anything "better", but someone who chooses not to have a family and focus on her career until it's nearly too late (and in some cases it is too late), is praised for her determination.

* Many people think of how to earn more, while forgetting how to spend less - in fact, saving is better than earning, because you don't pay taxes for money you don't spend!

I will leave you with these random thoughts and head back to the kitchen to check on the soup, fold the laundry, give the chickens their afternoon meal, etc. I hope you are all passing smoothly into autumn (spring, in the southern hemisphere), and enjoying every bit of seasonal delights it brings. I hope to be able to catch up, at some point in the near future, with all my emails and blogs I long to visit, but simply didn't have time to do so lately. 


Hissouthernwife said...

Domestic Felecity said, "And, just because this is my biased and unprofessional blog, on which I can write whatever, whenever and however I want, I will take advantage of that and just voice a few thoughts that have popped into my head lately."
Thank you! Many of us highly appreciate this... & agree with you re: the thoughts you share. I like your blog. Thanks for doing it.

Aaron and Amber said...

I have never left a comment before, although I am a long time ready and am thrilled when I see a new post in my reader :) I pray you holiday's are totally enjoyable! While we are not Jewish, we keep them as well (and not the secular day like Christmas etc). It has been very interesting to hear a Jewish woman's view on the prep etc. Thank you.

Leah Brand-Burks said...

More shocked that a parent is teaching a child than at the knowledge of homosexuality?! Something is VERY wrong there! :/
On another note, you're being very efficient and productive-eggplant dip sounds so yummy!

Nechama said...

Hmm... I always dreamed of home-schooling, so I find that People's astonishment, well, astonishing.
Then again, my husband thinks is a bit of nightmarish dream...

Lady Anne said...

Homeschooling in America is pretty common, but almost everyone sends their children to public school for "finishing". The public school will give you an honest-to-goodness diploma, while a homeschooled child would take a state test and get a "general education" certificate. Most employers and colleges much prefer the real diploma.

Homeschooling is a gift. One of our daughters was having some trouble in school and I tried to do a bit during the summer. It's a wonder we all lived through it! I'm a teacher, for goodness sake, and I was ready to do serious bodily harm to somebody - anybody! Dear heavens!

As far a homosexuality goes, modern science now knows a lot more now than was known in "Bible times" and most people have more understanding of why this happens in utero. Just as some Reform Congregations have female rabbis and some Christian churches have female clergy, while other branches utterly reject this concept, we must each decide how G-d speaks to us. We are all called to be a people of Love and Kindness, and even if we hate the sin, we must love and embrace the sinner.