Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Recycled salmon

This is how a leftover baked salmon filet nobody wanted turned into salmon fritters which were an instant hit:

I took what was left of the filet and mashed it with a fork (it yielded abour 2 cups of salmon chunks)
- 3 eggs
- 1 grated zucchini
- some matzo flour (you can use bread crumbs)
- some dried parsley
- salt and pepper to taste

Fry on both sides until golden-brown 
Tell everyone to get their hands away from the hot frying pan... 
Serve breakfast!


Anonymous said...

What oil or with what do you fry these in? Looks so good!

sara said...

Sounds tasty! I love making something from "nothing."

Mrs. Anna T said...

Anon, around here I use whatever I have, for just about anything. :o) This time it was olive oil, but it can be sunflower, corn oil, palm oil, melted butter, or whatever you want.

Lea said...

Oh yum!!!

Bookmarking this recipe for later....thanks for sharing!


momto9 said...

Creative:) next time I will think twice about throwing out the leftover salmon

Anonymous said...

These really look delicious. Well done on your recycling effort! :o)


Serena said...

This sounds SO good! The only problem is managing to have leftover salmon. ;)

Anonymous said...

My husband said his granny used to make potato crokay for him when got home from school. Basically, potato with onions, mixed with ground beef, shaped and either baked or deep-fried. Salmon has such a flavorful taste that it goes well with any more bland vegetable. Zesty with horseradish.

Thanks for sharing!