Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Little children have come to play

Little children have come to play,
Go and tell them that they may stay; 
Go and welcome them with a smile
To a place they may play a while.

Little children have come to play;
Make a gift of a pleasant day.
Sun comes up and goes down again - 
Give them shelter from wind and rain,

From the flurry of rushing by,
From the frown of a winter sky,
From the cry that there is no time,
From the notion that dream's a crime. 

Little children have come to play
Knowing they won't be turned away.
There's a child within every soul - 
Welcome him when he comes to call. 

Bubbles: Cottage Scene with Children at Play - James Dawson Watson
This adorable painting is called "Bubbles: Cottage Scene With Children At Play", by James Dawson Watson.

The poem above was written as I watched my girls play with their little friends, in contented simplicity, for hours. Nothing was required of me but to open the door, step back, smile, and sit in a quiet corner where I could observe without interrupting. Tears of gratitude filled my eyes over and over, for the time which, if not remembered explicitly in years to come, is laying a foundation to be cherished always.


Miriam said...

Oh Anna!
*smiling through tears*

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Laura Santos said...

How lovely! So good to sit and enjoy the blessings of the Lord.

Julie said...