Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making do with what you have

Shopping was somewhat of a neglected chore this week; and so, yesterday I found myself practically out of vegetables. I had no tomatoes, no eggplants, no zucchini; no carrots, no potatoes, and I was down to my last two onions. So the option of making soup was gone as soon as I contemplated it. My children asked for pasta, but I didn't even have tomato paste to make my usual simple "staple sauce". 

What I did have were a couple of sweet potatoes. I ended up cooking them, mashing them, adding some water and blending it all to form a thick sauce. I then added some fried onions with canned mushrooms, some salt and pepper, and served it all over pasta. I put some of the leftovers in my husband's lunch box today.

So, be brave and daring, and combine whatever ingredients you have to make a creative, unusual meal! You never know, it might become the next family favorite. 


Otter Mom said...

Quite a few recipes that we cook on a regular basis came out of being creative with what was on hand. It's a skill my mother taught me and I have tried to pass on to my daughter.

Leah Brand-Burks said...

Looks pretty good! In our family, we call this playing "Desert Island" because you're running on what's left on the "island" (your kitchen) before restocking again. It's fun! And it forces you to get creative. ;)

floodproofmum said...

A good idea to avoid spending. I have not tried sweet potato with pasta before but have used it in a vegetarian lasagne which is yummy. Thanks

Kate S. said...

I have fun doing stuff like this!

Anonymous said...

That looks very interesting. You did not say how your family rated it. I assume you would not have posted it if they did not like it. Very resourceful.
By the way, have you felt any earthquakes? I read that there have been several recently.
Mrs. L.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Mrs. L, my family loves pasta just about under any dressing. This was no exception. :o)