Friday, October 25, 2013

My lovelies, enjoying a sunshiny morning

 This bird (notice I'm careful not to say pullet or roo, because I cannot be sure!) might need a little trim to the crest, as you see it gets in the eyes.
 Posing to the camera.
Steered into the right direction by Shira's hand.


Lady Anne said...

They are so cute. Like animated dust mops! What color eggs will they lay? In America, people are more than willing to pay extra for brown eggs, which are laid by Rhode Island Reds - nothing special, just an ordinary egg, but the prices they bring, you'd think they came from the Golden Goose.

Again, darling little babies.

sara said...

Silkies are funny looking birds. :)

I have some barred rock hens and someone recently gave me a sweet little rooster of uncertain heritage. If I had to guess I'd say he's a bantam barred cochin. I love the long feathers on his feet.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Lady Anne, animated dust mops - LOL!!

Silkies lay smallish cream-colored eggs, but we wouldn't eat those anyway because they have an extra toe, which makes them problematic kosher-wise (I know... I know... it's still a chicken, but we asked the best rabbinical authorities we could find). We have other, "normal" chickens for eggs - these are our pets!

I personally don't care much about the color of eggs. Other breeds besides RIRs lay brown eggs - Welsummers, for instance, and also Marans and Wyandottes. To me it's far more important that the egg comes from a hen that gets a variety of rich, natural food.