Monday, October 14, 2013

Recycled chicken breast

I don't know about you, but around here, every time I make a chicken for Shabbat everyone is vying for the legs, and no one wants the breasts. So, at the beginning of pretty much every week I find myself with leftover chicken breast to try and make something of.

Usually I cut the chicken breast into wedges and then make stir-fry with any veggies I have on hand, to serve over noodles or rice. Today, however, I ran out of onions (an indispensable part of stir-fry, for me), so I simply decided to dip the chicken wedges into beaten egg and then breadcrumbs, and fry until crisp. 

Not the healthiest alternative, perhaps, but at least we didn't waste food. It will do this time. 


Anonymous said...

Even though it has been cooked once already, it doesn't make the meat dried out to be cooked again?

Just wondering, because we have the same problem. Thanks!

Elena said...


Whenever we have any meat left, I make croquetas. Here is the recipe:

Personal ideas:
1. I never use broth, just milk, or if I don´t have enough milk, I pour some water.
2. When the recipe calls for ham, I just put any meat I have. Just make sure it´s minced. You can also make them with any vegetables: pumpkin, for instance, tastes great.
3. At home, we never eat those as tapas, but as a main dish for dinner, particularly for children. A good soup as a first dish, and then 3-4 croquetas per person, and voilá, a great dinner!
4. If you make too many croquetas, freeze them (before frying them). It will make your dinners easier!
5. Can you tell I love croquetas? My husband and I just had them for dinner!!!!

THE Princess Bombshell* said...

Are you kidding me-- I LOVE chicken breasts!!!! I never go for the legs! lol That's funny. And THAT looks delicious. Great-- now, I'm hungry.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Anon, normally that would be a concern, but the egg and breadcrumbs coating prevents it from drying out.

Leah Brand-Burks said...

Those look super delicious!

Lady Anne said...

There's always chicken soup! I put my carcass (well, the chicken's carcass, if you want to be technical about it) into a collapsible basket and put that into the pot on top of the tomatoes, onions, celery, etc. When the chicken is done, I can remove the basket and the chicken, and clean the bones without having to wait for the soup to cool enough that I can get my hands in it. While I'm picking the chicken bones, I add a can of mixed veggies and my rice or noodles to the pot, and they can be done in time for me to dump the meat back in.

MaineFarmMamma said...

I too always go for the breast! When I bake a chicken I always do a large one so we have lots of meat left over! I was going to suggest some of our favorite ways to use it up, but none are kosher.

Joluise said...

I love chicken thigh fillets, finding them the best in things like curries and stir fries as they are the most moist.mI rarely by legs or whole children to limit wastage.

Anonymous said...

I love chicken pie. I have good results using left over chicken breast in it.