Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shopping strategies

Theoretically, if you don't waste money on gas it doesn't matter whether you go to the store once or three times a week. You just pop in, pick up all the items on your shopping list, pay and go. But, as we all are human, in practice going to the store more often usually results in spending more money, because you spot "just this one thing" you must have (though you perhaps wouldn't have even thought about it if you had not seen it). Then some things are on clearance so you buy heaps, and later it spoils, or you use it too lavishly. In short, the less often you go shopping, the less money you will spend. 

Plan ahead. Plan your meals - at least the more important meals of the week. Don't forget to make alterations when you know you are going to entertain, go on a vacation (so you won't buy what will spoil while you are gone), etc. Then make a shopping list accordingly. 

Stick to your shopping list. Of course there are some bargains it would really be a pity to miss. But most of the "great deals" are not so very great or necessary. Good deals on unhealthy stuff in a box are not really good. Same goes for good deals on stuff that will just clog up space in your home. 

Improvise. If you intended to make, say, avocado dip for entertaining but found out you ran out of avocado, you can quickly run to the store and buy avocado, and perhaps ten other things on the way. Or you can take a look at what you do have, and alter your plan accordingly. If you have cream cheese and tomatoes, for example, you might make tomato salsa and/or a cream cheese dip.

And in conclusion... just love this:


Kate said...

I've moved to a more natural and simplistic menu. My children are young and picky and not prone to try casseroles or gourmet dishes all the time, so we have our staples and I work from that. There's still a variety.

I buy meats on sale or whatever is available at the farm where we shop sometimes.

I keep two or three varieties of rice, pasta, egg noodles, and potatoes.

I always have flour on hand, along with eggs, buttermilk and butter (biscuits, waffles, muffins, etc).

There's always yogurt and oatmeal on hand as well as dried fruit.

Every week, I replenish fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

It makes shopping easy, too. I know where everything is in the stores I visit. My list is simple and I don't usually have to mess around with coupons.

Still, the bill adds up quickly!

living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning, I do most my cooking with simple foods also. We love yogurt and fruit in the morning. A sandwich or soup for lunch. And dinner is more filling :)
But, you are very right about going shopping too often, as you will spend more money!
Blessings, Roxy