Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A windy week

We didn't have rain this week, but we had very strong, fierce, howling winds which made it practically impossible to go out and enjoy nature as we are used to. So, we have stayed home a great deal... and what do you think we've been up to? Well, more often than not, catching up on everything that needed to be done:

* Washing - hanging out your washing in a strong wind is like drying clothes with a blow-drier - very effective, provided you can secure them so that they don't fly away!

* Baking - the Shabbat rolls are already in the freezer. We also made cookies and oven-dried a bunch of pecans a friend of ours gave us. Shelling them was a bit tedious, but it can be done when you have time.

* Mending - I had accumulated a big pile of things with rips at the seam, missing buttons, and such like. One windy morning, I sat down to tackle it all, and rose an hour later very satisfied. I also went through my closet and came up with many things to give away and free some much-needed shelf space. 

Today, however, the weather was just lovely, so I quickly hung out the laundry and took the girls out for a long, rambling hike here in the hills. We were singularly fortunate to see more wild animals than I have observed in a long while. In our walk we startled a herd of gazelles and watched their graceful leap across our path; we also encountered a flock of partridges and many other birds. 

I took the camera along, and snapped a shot of this interesting rock. Doesn't it look just like some kind of ancient creature that came out to warm itself in the sun?


Rose said...

Anna I agree about washing in the wind, I often do blankets in that kind of weather. Your rock reminds me of a platypus. If you type

Taronga Zoo platypus

in Google Images you'll find some great pix to show the girls. Taronga Zoo is in Sydney.

maria smith said...

We had a bad weather week a while back. It was a great opportunity to get some deep cleaning done. It just doesn't seem to end :D