Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back to Eden

Today I would like to recommend to all who haven't seen it, the film Back to Eden. If you have a garden, or would like to have a garden someday, or just grow some plants in containers to soothe your "green itch", this film is for you. Theologically, I disagree with much of what is quoted in the film; but ecologically, I am both educated and inspired, though I haven't watched it to the end yet. 

The link was sent to me by my lovely friend Miriam, who blogs at Miriam's world (I hope I got that right, Miriam?! I'm a very poor Finnish scholar, as you know). 

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I always have been inspired by people who grow things, and do it well; by people who manage to save where others spend; by people who make something out of nothing, and never stop being creative in every area of their life. And, going back to gardening, perhaps we really might start something on a very small scale. I sure would like that very much. 

Oh, and by the way, I signed up for the Down to Earth Simple Living forum. I'm not sure what took me so long; the forum is delightful and full of wonderful valuable advice for all homemakers interested in a simple, frugal, sustainable lifestyle. I post there as Domestic Felicity. 


Miriam said...

Thank you for mentioning me!
Your Finnish is good as usual, the problem is the font I am using ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see this post! :) I was just on another blog last night exploring some older posts there and came across a discussion of this method. Read all the comments too. I enjoyed all the information. The blog is called ,I believe, Reformation Acres. The address for it is It was posted on September 6,2013. To find this post the easiest way:... Look up to her top heading and see where it says garden. Pull down that and click on mulching. It is the third post under that heading. You will probably enjoy her whole blog as it is full of good information and gentle ways. Sarah

maria smith said...

I am also fascinated by those who can create a thriving garden. I am not too good at those things. We are planning of growing a garden this spring. Since switching to green cleaning and an overall greener lifestyle it seems natural a garden will follow.