Thursday, November 7, 2013

Between two worlds

As mothers, our job is an almost supernatural mold between the intensely practical and the highly spiritual. On the one hand, much of our time spent in occupations such as providing clean clothes, nutritious food and clutter-free space for our family; on the other hand, though we clean, we are far more than housekeepers; though we cook, we are more than cooks; though we wipe noses and bottoms, we are more than nannies. 

We do all we do with the broad, long-term vision of creating a home, being part of the community, and shaping the next generation. Often I sit down and pray for my children's future, the formation of their character and, if it be in G-d's plan for them, their future marriages. And yet, I cannot wander about with my head in the clouds for too much time, because something is constantly calling for my attention here: wiping a spill of milk, feeding the chickens, or taking out the garbage. 

The job of a mother is deceitful in its simplicity. In practical terms, we are simply around, doing what needs to be done. In spiritual terms, we are the heart of our homes.

This lovely oil painting is called Mother and Child with a poppy. It was painted by Frederick Richard Pickersgill. I just love painting which depict parents and children, enjoying the beauties of nature together. 

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Brittany said...

I love these thoughts! Thank you.