Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The meanings of "want"

Just odd thoughts floating in and out of my head today...

I've been thinking of the word "want" (perhaps, as a non-native English speaker, I am more prone to linguistic introspection). Though "want" is a simple word, it has several meanings, among them:

"To desire; to wish for"


"To be in need of" (as in "the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want"). Incidentally, in Hebrew the word used here is "echsar", from the root ch.s.r, that is, to lack or be missing something. 

For me, this is very symbolic. Because, when we "want" something, we can stop and think whether we wish for it or need it

There are many things I want, in the sense of wishing I could have them - but I know I don't want them in the sense of needing them. 

Photo: it is the season of narcissuses again

This is also an exercise in faith because, looking back at my life, I realize that there was never, ever a situation when I didn't have what I needed. There were many times when I couldn't have what I wanted, but my needs were always taken care of. And much more than my basic needs of food, clothing, shelter. I have had very thoughtful, kind, timely gifts which were in themselves, and in the way they were given, nothing short of little miracles.

Right now, our family is in a kind of complicated situation, financially. I would rather not go into details, and I have long debated within myself whether I should mention it at all; it shall suffice to say we need faith, and the memory of G-d's constant, kind, generous benevolence to us throughout the years, to know that surely we will not be forsaken. 


Luba said...

Thank you for another thoughtful post, Anna. I will be praying for your family during this complicated time. We all need faith always; sometimes a big change is just around the corner, but we do not see it yet. Remember when G-d told Abram to move his family, but Abram did not know where he was going or how long it would take to get there?

I am praying for you and your family. G-d bless you.


Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Standing at the gate of a New Year full of hard challenges myself, trying not to be frightened but trust in God. You will be in my prayers, blessings, Pam

Kim said...

Praying for you. Please Pray for me. I understand more than you know, about complicated finances, with God there is always a way.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, Just thought I should pop over as I have been trying to keep up with all the business of my days.
Glad I did: You have the faith, it will all come to pass, as He has ordained it!
Wish I could say more, I think of you often! Roxy

momma-lana said...

He is faithful and is always the same. What a blessing and truth to rest on. we have always found that times of need are when the storehouse will be opened and we can not contain the provision. Once when we were in need people just kept bringing us produce from their gardens and food until we had it lined along the floor in our kitchen and had nowhere to put it.

maria smith said...

Another beautiful heart felt post. King David was a beautiful example of expressing his needs, sorrows and desperation to God, yet still maintaining an attitude of faith and praise. The Psalms are my "go-to" place for strengthening my faith in God's goodness.
Our family is no stranger to complicated, stretched finances. When we started our cleaning service we relied heavily on Providence to get off the ground. Prayers for your family!

Anonymous said...

I can testify the same. I had all my needs met throughout my 38 years of living on this planet. I am in a financially complicated situation, too at the moment, however, I have a full fridge and a full closet, a warm flat and clean water. I have enough.