Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There is life after Pesach

Just a little over a week ago, it seemed the cleaning and chametz-proofing the house would never end. Like every year, I told myself I will never clean anything again when this is done. Like every year, I seriously considered transferring the whole family to a chametz-free diet year-round. And like every year, by the time we sat around the Pesach table I had already half-forgotten all the hard work and trouble.

In a way, it was like moving house. Or having a baby. 

Now we are enjoying the glorious spring that is fast melting into summer. Our hens are laying nicely, and three have gone broody and raised chicks already. The last one had her first chicks hatch only a couple of days ago. Doesn't she seem content, sitting in her cozy nest of straw with her little ones? 
In case you are wondering why the chicks look so unlike their mother, this hen just started sitting on an empty spot, and the only eggs we had to give her at the moment were from Leghorns. Of course, since she is a miniature hen and Leghorn eggs are large she couldn't cover many, but she did hatch two chicks who look like they will outgrow her soon!

It's a beautiful afternoon, children are playing outside, and I'm enjoying some leisure time after a day spent mostly in taking care of a week's worth of laundry, including just about every item the children own. Now that the closets are in order again, I can close my eyes, sit back, and relax. 

I hope you have some time to do the same today.


Kim said...

Thank You for all that you do for your little family. You may at times think it does not matter, but it does.

maria smith said...

Moving is infinitely more challenging than deep cleaning ! True story!