Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Never a dull day

First bread baked after Pesach is always an exciting event, after such a long break in baking. These came out good, but a little too crisp at the bottom. Made with extra virgin olive oil, our home-grown eggs and some za'atar on top. 
I was thinking that perhaps I should make stuffed grape leaves, too, while I have some fresh ones - and before the chickens demolish them all! 
 An interesting-looking (and very thorny) plant found on one of our walks. 


Lady Anne said...

Hate to ask, but what is "za'atar"? I see sesame seeds - the white ones - but are there poppy seeds on the bread also?

maria smith said...

Looks like fun. I do a lot of baking, but right now all my time is take up with a major bit of deep cleaning.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Lady Anne, za'atar is a spice mix commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking. You're right, it often contains sesame seeds, but I'm not really sure what else goes into it. It's delicious, though. :o) I like to put it on non-sweet baked goodies, and mix it up with cream cheese for my toast.

Sarah R said...

I think your spiky plant is called sea holly. Are you near the coast?