Monday, October 27, 2014

Some pictures from our new home

So many times lately I have wanted to blog, and been prevented by something or other - the holidays, or having irregular internet connection, or just the extreme busyness of this season of our lives. Now, however, I'm snatching the couple of minutes I have at hand to post a few pictures. 
 The chickens, enjoying their new coop. My husband and a friend raised it in two days, but it isn't finished yet (as you can see from the photo below). It does, however, serve to keep chickens in and predators out.
 And yes... it's actually a scorpion in our bathroom cabinet. The array of various critters here astonishes me; we've always lived in houses located right on the ground, yet we've never had such a variety. Only two days ago, poor Shira stepped on a giant venomous yellow centipede (luckily, nothing happened to her. The centipede ended up as a treat for our chickens). We also have a multitude of spiders and, to my chagrin, mice we are battling in every possible way.
 A truly magnificent picture of the evening sky, captured by my husband.
 And the view from our living room window, which may perhaps hint that we haven't moved all too far from our old home.


Michelle said...

What a beautiful sunset.

lavender garden said...

Dear Anna,
congrats on your move- may Hashem bless you in your new home!
My favorite mouse prevention/cure: flood the areas with mint- mint extract on a cotton ball, fresh mint, dried mint- behind the stove, under the sink, edging all the walls- they hate it! Good luck!

Lady Anne said...

I'm glad to see you were able to keep your chickens.

Ah, country living can be grand, can't it? The Squire and I both grew up in the country, so "critters" don't bother either of us, but I have to admit a scorpion would give me pause. He jokes that we can tell the season of the year by what's in the house - big spiders in the fall, little spiders in the spring, mice all winter, and snakes in the summer, looking for a cool spot.

It's interesting, so say the least.

maria smith said...

Love the sunset! Or is that a sunrise? Just lovely! Those beautiful views are so calming! I enjoy my countryside immensely. Even when the house i a wreck and I'm hustling to do a big deep cleaning, at least I get to enjoy the view!