Monday, October 6, 2014

To teach one's own

 "We can sum up very quickly what people need to teach their own children. First of all, they have to like them, enjoy their company, their physical presence, their energy, foolishness, and passion. They have to enjoy all their talk and questions, and enjoy equally trying to answer those questions. They have to think of their children as friends, indeed very close friends, have to feel happier when they are near and miss them when they are away. They have to trust them as people, respect their fragile dignity, treat them with courtesy, take them seriously. They have to feel in their own hearts some of their children's wonder, curiosity, and excitement about the world.

And they have to have enough confidence in themselves, skepticism about experts, and willingness to be different from most people, to take on themselves the responsibility for their children's learning. But that is about all that parents need. Perhaps only a minority of parents have these qualities. Certainly some have more than others. Many will gain more as they know their children better; most of the people who have been teaching their children at home say that it has made them like them more, not less. In any case, these are not qualities that can be taught or learned in a school, or measured with a test, or certified with a piece of paper."

- John Holt, Teach Your Own

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Rick said...

I homeschooled our 4 daughters for a total of 8 years and although I had never read this quote from John Holt before, it is very true. The first and last thing about being with my children so much through teaching them myself is that I enjoyed their company (and I still do!). These days my husband and I are empty-nesters with three married daughters and four grandchildren. Children (and grandchildren) are truly a blessing and I have not regretted one moment spent with them or the sacrifices we made to teach them at home.

Leah Brand-Burks said...

No matter what the day brings, I am always glad it was with my children, instead of without. I treasure being home to teach and raise my children.