Sunday, December 7, 2014

Coconut cream for smooth skin

I got my hands on a nearly-discarded bar of coconut oil in my Mom's refrigerator. At first I thought it's some ancient soap, but when I asked and was casually told that "it should probably be thrown out, it has been here for years", I took it for myself.

The internet is full of wonderful recipes for homemade creams, lotions, butters, balms and scrubs using coconut oil, and the simplest of them is this: just take some coconut oil (in solid consistency - cool it if you need to) and whip it with an electric beater until you get a smooth, airy consistency, akin to whipped cream. I tried to do that, but the coconut oil itself was too thick to whip up well. I had to add a glug of almond oil - don't ask me for quantities, but I think it was about 1 tbsp. of almond oil to 1/2 cup of coconut oil.

By the way, I used almond oil because that's what I had on hand, but I daresay it's also possible to use olive, wheat germ or grape seed oil, or whatever you prefer.

When what I had in the bowl resembled whipped cream so much that my daughters begged to lick the beaters, I stopped whipping and scooped what I got into a small wide-mouthed jar, which I refrigerated for an hour or so before transferring it to room temperature. Then I tried the body butter. It has a lovely creamy consistency and feels very pleasant on dry hands. And it cost practically nothing! A very welcome acquisition, just as I've nearly ran out of the body butter my husband got me as a gift last time. 

In various recipes, I saw that people suggest adding a few drops of essential oils to your skin product. While I imagine a hint of lemon, orange or lemongrass wouldn't go amiss if I had them on hand, I must say I simply love the pure natural smell of coconut, which is both gentle and delicious. 

Result: easy-to-make, very affordable, 100% natural concoction that I wouldn't hesitate to use even on small children or babies.


Lady Anne said...

Sounds heavenly, and I just happen to have some coconut oil on hand. Normally, I never use anything on my skin but olive oil, but this sounds as if it is worth a shot, and, like you mother, the coconut oil has been knocking around since the days of the ark. Or maybe the week after.

Leah Brand-Burks said...

I love it! I'm trying to convince all of my new mama friends to skip the conventional, chemical-laden baby products for simple things exactly like this.

maria smith said...

My daughter just went to a cute spa party and came home with all these recipes for body scrubs and lotions and some cute green cleaning products. It was a great party!

tarynkay said...

Thanks for this! I just made a batch for my son. I didn't need any additional oil. But I did add a few drops of vanilla, so now he smells like birthday cake which is pretty awesome.