Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's been too long

A month rushed by, during which I only got to check my email about three times. I have found out that in this very busy, very intense season of our lives (a new baby, Purim and then Pesach just around the corner, and various projects in which I function as my husband's helpmate) it really does help if I put as much as possible aside, on the back burner so to speak, and focus on the things that are essential for a smoothly running home.

I am grateful for our less-than-reliable internet connection, which prevents me from squandering the precious few spare minutes I have here and there on frivolous pursuits (such as watching 5 Best Pranks Ever on YouTube). It's amazing how much more productively time is spent without the lure of the limitless web. 

Things have been pretty stormy here, and we had some snow again last weekend, which makes it the second time this winter - quite unusual. My husband says he had noticed that there's always more year during the Shmita (the Sabbatical year), which is G-d's way of telling us, "trust Me - I will take care of your crops and trees."

Whenever I have the time, I enjoy logging into Mother Earth News. Some of the great articles I've read lately:

Choosing Voluntary Poverty - though I must say, I wouldn't have chosen the word poverty. The proper term, as far as I'm concerned, is "simple living". I do have to say, however, that I can't imagine living entirely without electricity. I know some do, and voluntarily (the Amish, for example), but I can't imagine my life without a refrigerator and washing machine.

The Power of Barter - nothing builds up a community like swapping the goods you've made, or grown, or raised yourself.
Moving to an Island in Southeast Alaska - no place in Israel is that remote, but some can sure feel so. Either way I always love reading about families who've left everything behind and started their life from scratch in someplace new.

Read if you have a few minutes, and I'm sure you'll be inspired!