Thursday, April 30, 2015

There was a child once

There was a child once, and this child is not gone. She is still there, deep within me. I may look all grown up, but I'm not, at least not always.

I'm still the baby yearning for the peace and security of her mother's arms.
I'm still the toddler curiously peeking at the world around her, ready to discover something exciting at any moment.
I'm still the little girl climbing up trees, looking for a special secret hiding place all of her own.
I'm still the teenager with an acute impression of beauty, love of fascinating stories, and a desire to express herself in poetry and art.

The child is still there, and it is my task to love the child, to take her by the hand and let her walk with me in the grown-up world. Life is more fun and exciting this way.

There was a child once, and the child found much excitement in life, but she was also lonely. She had no siblings and few friends. That's sad.

My children are different. They are happy and secure, and they have many people to love. This makes me happy, but there's more. There is me, too. Still a little girl with a dark fringe that falls into her eyes. Still one who is content to sit for hours and watch ants crawling, to experiment with colors and words.

Love your children. Love the child within you, too. Don't lose touch with what is so precious in you, in me, in each one of us.

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ammaslotus said...

Beautiful post Anna, filled with truthfulness and meaning. Loving the child that we are, holding her and caressing her, and also to make it the other way round...sometimes when i feel sad in the present moment, i imagine my beautiful and graceful older self embracing me with comfort and love!

Love Sita