Sunday, June 14, 2015

Parents, education and the government

Educational expert Dr. Gil Gertel in an interview to Israel Today (translation mine): 

"I begin by stating that the family establishment has been altogether repressed by the state for years... the government comes and says, 'give me your children, I know what to do with them' - but it doesn't know, and not everything works well. Think on the deep meaning of compulsory state education. It is an open threat - 'if you don't give me your child, I will put you in jail.'

"Once state education was compulsory from the age of 6, today the age is down to 3. Once we would come home at one o'clock, today we have an extended school day, after school programs and whatnot. Actually, from the state's point of view, the more the children are under its protection, the better."

It looks like most parents are pretty happy about this, right?

"That's just it. The influence of parents on children is crucial, whether the parents are active or absent, active or passive about their child's education.

I don't think anyone doubts that.

No, but the moment the government tells parents, 'give me your children and go out to work', it removes the parents from their position, and then the message is that children can be educated without parents."

~ What can I say? Only that I'm extremely happy someone is given an opportunity to speak and say these important things, especially in Israel, a country founded on communist ideology, where many people are still nostalgic about the kibbutz arrangement of enforced "gender equality" and the separation of children and parents from babyhood. ~

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