Sunday, September 6, 2015

Simple Art

Simple art on a simple day - pen/pencil containers out of empty Pringles cans, decorated with the help of some glittering ribbon, scissors and glue:

Followed by a quote from my all-time favorite blog, Eyes of Wonder (now, sadly, discontinued and gone private):

"I sure do find that the children are happiest when they're creating something. It makes a bit of a mess, that's for sure, but the peace and joy that fills the house is so much more than worth it.  A nice breakfast, a pot of soup set to cook on the stove, some music while all the morning chores are being done, all the supplies made ready, makes for merry little hearts (and big ones, too :o) and the fun begins!  

My childlike heart loves to be busy creating, too, and finds so much pleasure in doing so alongside my precious children. The days pass all too quickly, and I want to be able to look back knowing I gave them the gift of my time, not just as a mother meeting their physical needs, but as a friend, that walked with them and talked with them, laughed with them, knew them through and through, and thoroughly enjoyed them along life's way.  How I do so desire to seize each moment I am blessed with, to love and delight in the gift of my children."


Laura Spilde said...

I believe I know what website you are referencing.... It was a very inspirational blog with much encouragement to absorb life...

Mrs. Anna T said...

Laura, indeed, that blog, and especially dear Julie herself (with whom I am still in touch), have been such a tremendous positive influence on me that I have often felt the chief reason G-d has led me to blogging was precisely to "meet" Julie and read her blog. Thankfully, I have a large notebook full of select quotes from it. Whenever I feel down, I read from it, and it's like reading letters from a very dear close friend written just for you.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I remember that blog....and you are right, it was so good! We have no internet at home anymore, so I check on e-mails & such from our public library. Just thought I'd stop in a say "hello". I hope that you, Mr. T., & your children are all doing well.