Sunday, October 11, 2015

Extracurricular commitments

"With 10 children and a very busy family life from day-to-day, one of the primary things that we have chosen to do, is wait, in just about every area that would have had me spending a lot of time outside the home, and out and about in the car, for lessons. I know not everyone chooses this route, but because it would have been lots of time traveling to and from lessons if each one was involved in lessons of some type, and we really desired to have a slower rhythm to our days, we chose to wait until the children were older, had a sustained expressed interest in something, and a would find pleasure in learning it. This has worked out very well for us."

- Eyes of Wonder - 

Breakfast Time -H. Brooker

While we don't have 10 children, we certainly have a busy daily life and plenty to do each day. Furthermore, we are a one-car family, with no visible possibility of this situation changing in the near future. We live in an area with nonexistent public transportation, which means we have to get creative when it comes to running errands, shopping or going to the doctor. Most of the time my husband swings by the grocery store after work. Thankfully, he loves to shop and is quite good at locating the weekly bargains. Doctor's appointments can be arranged in the morning, before work. Or if we need to see a specialist (such as for certain prenatal tests), it can be done while visiting family for a day or two, or on Fridays, when most people in Israel don't work, and then it can be turned into a family outing.

As for extracurricular activities, we are limited to those we can find within walking distance. We have a small library that is open part of the week, and a community club that hosts classes, fairs and events for children and adults. We by no means participate in anything we can sign up for. Quite apart from the financial consideration (which is a point in itself), I do not consider it necessary or even advisable to commit to something I need to prod my children to do every time. So many interests can be explored right here in your home, safely, and with no or very little cost. 


Tammy said...

We only have one child, but we are also a one car family at the moment. Thank goodness for family (by this I mean my MIL) who helps us out with the occasional sports game or Awana class (not every game, not every week).

I know about forgoing things due to lack of transportation. You do have to get creative with entertainment, but that can be a plus, too!

Sita said...

Very wise, yes!!!

The season when our children are little is fleeting and hectic enough without the frantic run around of extra outside activities!

I love being in the home, and if there is a passion that my child loves, then we will invest our time in it with dedication and balance :-)

I'm with you Anna, beautiful post...!


Love Sita