Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Israeli Solution

One of the latest books I've read is The Israeli Solution, by Caroline Glick. I can't say I agree with the author on every point, but it is probably the most engrossing non-fiction read I've come across lately. It is really quite fascinating to read about events we've learned as cut-and-dry history in high school (the Arab violence against Jews in Hebron in 1929, for instance), completely detached from today's reality - and see that all the events in our area, from the distant as well as from the most recent past, and in the present, actually follow a logical and easily explicable curve. 

"The Israeli Solution is a realistic solution because it does not promise to create a new Middle East, assure us that terrorists will become statesmen or breezily offer an end to a hatred that has existed for over a thousand years...Instead she offers the real solution of managing the conflict by taking responsibility for the territory and people instead of abandoning it and them to Arafat or Abbas and hoping that the magic doves of peace will do the rest...Advocates something that has never been tried before throughout this conflict; integration instead of segregation and unity instead of partition." -Frontpage 

From a customer's review on Amazon:

"Although I'm a Christian and an American, sadly without even a hidden Jewish ancestor, I have long wondered why Israel would even consider giving up Judea and Samaria, the heart of what was once the Kingdom of the Jews. I have equally been baffled by what seemed to be Israel's acceptance of notion of land for peace, even as it has utterly failed time and again over the last 70 years. Ms. Glick defines an entirely rational alternative, one which even now a majority (about 60%) of Israelis favor."

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