Friday, November 6, 2015

A bowl of popcorn

Now that we're into colder days, I'm going to make popcorn more often. I really can't think of anything more suitable as a snack for all occasions!

It's extremely quick and easy to make - just the thing for unexpected visitors, children and adults alike, when you have no baked goodies on hand. All you need is a handful of corn kernels, some oil, some salt and a suitable pot. Since I make it on the stove, it's great even when there's no electricity. Oh, and it's about the lowest cost imaginable snack, too, because a package of corn kernels costs so little and lasts so long.

This nutritious snack has a tendency to stop quarrels as little ones flock to a large bowl of popcorn in the middle of the table. It's also fascinating for them to watch the kernels pop - I always use a pot with a transparent lid especially for this purpose.

We sometimes have ladies' nights here, and usually everyone brings fancy cakes, homemade granola bars, etc. I cheat by bringing a simple large bowl of popcorn, made 10 minutes before leaving home - and usually it's the most popular snack around, especially among the pregnant ladies who like to have something to munch on, guilt-free.

Making popcorn is very easy once you get used to it, but there are a few tricks. Take a stainless steel pot and pour some oil into it, to just cover the bottom. There's no need to heat the oil in advance. Take a handful of corn kernels and spread them out over the oil, until the bottom of the pot is nearly covered, but not quite. Put the pot on the stove - the flame needs to be strong enough for the kernels to pop, but not excessively so, because otherwise the kernels may burn before they pop. You'll find just the right balance after a couple of tries. Now I've found mine I have only a few unpopped kernels in each batch.

Wait until popping stops, transfer into bowl and shake some salt over your popcorn.



Becky said...

I LOVE popcorn! My kids aren't quite as fond of it, so my husband and I often make it after the kids are in bed and share a bowl on the couch :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! but what about the melted butter? It's probably unhealthy but it's SOOO good!


Leah Brand-Burks said...

We've been doing just this thing around here! Popcorn with coconut oil is a nice departure from regular cooking oils as well.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Anna, actually, I don't consider melted butter at all unhealthy, but the thing is, since we're Orthodox Jews, we have separate utensils for meat and dairy dishes. Both sets can be used for non-meat, non-dairy dishes (pareve). We have dairy pans, utensils, bowls, and a small pot for cake glazing, but we simply don't have a dairy pot big enough for popcorn!

Gothelittle Rose said...

I'm not sure how "Anonymous Anna" does it, but in my area, we add the melted butter after the popping is done. :) So it can be quickly drizzled over the top once you've put it in the dairy bowl.

Lady Anne said...

I don't like butter on my popcorn, but would butter-flavoured salt work for you?

Our grandchildren were always amazed that I made my popcorn "from scratch" instead of in the microwave, and you should have seen the looks when I popped ice cubes out of a tray instead of the front of the fridge.

Mrs. Anna T said...

Gothelittle Rose, thank you for a great tip! I might try it next time.

Lady Anne, I've never even heard of a thing called butter-flavored salt :) I don't think they have it in Israel!

And I'm not even sure what you mean by popping ice cubes out of the front of the fridge. :o)

Lady Anne said...

Anna, most American refrigerators dispense ice cubes or crushed ice, as well as COLD water from the front door. Since our fridge is on the opposite side of the kitchen from the sink, I don't want or need one, and a plain model is getting harder and harder to find. Besides, it's one more thing to worry about breaking or leaking.