Monday, December 28, 2015

A Walk With Grandma

I came across this today and I hope it's normal that I just sat for a few minutes crying. These simple words are so touching. I was also remembering my own Grandma, who was such a quiet and soothing presence, and who was always ready to play board games and tell stories about her childhood, early life, and numerous relatives whom I had never met.

Grandma is wise. She knows there is really nothing bigger, better and more beautiful than the fluffy clouds in the sky, the flower growing at the roadside, the butterfly fluttering around a rosebush. She has done it all. She has seen it all. She knows there is nothing more important than telling a story, taking a walk, baking cookies on a cold winter afternoon. 

We don't have to live to Grandma's age to appreciate the little things that really matter. Though our lives are busy, may we not let this prevent us from slowing down and walking with "short steps" alongside the child in our life, or the little child hidden within us. 

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Jenny said...

Hi Mrs. Anna T!
I've been away from the blogging world for a long time, and I'm quite happy to see that you're still right here where I saw you last. I started a new blog and closed my old one to visitors -- I didn't want to just erase it because it has my boys' entire childhoods (is that a word?) chronicled -- but I found myself unable to share my thoughts there anymore because of some difficult things we were going through on our spiritual journey. Now, a year later, we're in a "safer" situation (for lack of a better descriptive word), but I still feel too emotionally vulnerable to return to the blog where I had a lot of traffic. We've been on the receiving end of many harsh words, letters, and shunning... so I just can't risk putting myself "out there" when I'm still feeling emotionally vulnerable. I'm really glad to have found that you are still here. And I'll be back regularly!

with gratitude,