Sunday, December 27, 2015

Winter walks

By now you probably know I'm not a person to chase after every new gadget, but I do feel grateful for my cell phone camera - because, though I often mean to take my husband's excellent (much bigger, better, and more professional) camera along when we take our walks on especially beautiful days, I don't often actually get around to it - meanwhile, I always have my cell phone on hand, and can still snap some adequate shots as we walk along rambling paths and see flowers unfurling after a good winter's rain.

Speaking of winter... I do so wish it could always be this way - beautiful, bright sunny days, interspersed by occasional (mainly nocturnal) showers that fill up underground reservoirs, soak the thirsty ground and produce luscious vegetation to the delight of the birds and animals in our vicinity. Yes, we do need rain. Just give us warm rain, please. Have I mentioned that I'm a summer person, and that it's very lucky I get to live in Israel?


Lady Anne said...

It has been unseasonably warm in the Baltimore area. Yesterday, it was warmer here than in was in Canberra, Australia. Things are totally upside down! Of course, we had two and a half inches of rain (6.5 cm) pelting down all day, and it was so foggy you could barely see. Still, every inch of rain equals a foot of snow, so we are grateful for what we have!

Your flowers are lovely. Do they always bloom this time of year, or is this a special treat? A lot of our spring flowers have buds, and the cherry blossoms bloomed in Washington, DC. We may have to mow the lawn one more time - in January!

The Lord always has surprises for us, doesn't He?

Mrs. Anna T said...

Lady Anne, the blooming season in Israel starts with the autumn rains and persists throughout the winter. The peak is reached in early spring, shortly before Passover (just when one is too busy cleaning to appreciate it!).