Sunday, February 14, 2016

Does it all matter?

Rose Godfrey is a talented writer, a loving mother, and a very special person. I don't have very much time for reading blogs these days, but I do like to pop in once in a while and catch up with Rose. Usually, I find something to inspire, encourage, or cheer me up, such as this post:

"I wonder sometimes about making a difference. Wiping fingerprints off the walls and sweeping behind the toilet can be thankless tasks. Making dinner usually gets a few comments, though not all of those are compliments. “I don’t mean to hurt your feelings,” my daughter said one evening, “but dinner tasted a little burned.”

I commented:

"it’s incredible (or perhaps it isn’t…) to see how Moms to any number of children, all over the world, are facing the same questions/dilemmas. Since I got married, I never worked outside the home on a regular basis… and I still feel like I’m juggling. Baking cookies or taking care of the yard? A homeschooling assignment or getting everyone bathed while there’s plenty of hot water from the solar heater? Dusting or cleaning the toilet? (toilet wins). And those are just normal days, not Passover cleaning or moving house in a frenzy of packing boxes and garbage bags. I don’t know… I honestly don’t know if I’m doing enough, being the imperfect Mom who reads stories, hands out writing tasks, bakes cookies, takes walks, and sometimes breaks down and yells and then feels guilty. All I can say is that I’m hanging on to G-d, every hour of every day."

Rose replied:

" I think there is beauty in the struggle, in the waking up every day knowing that there will always be more dishes to wash and clothes to put away. Someday, if everything is clean all at once and the cookie jar is empty and the smudges are all off of the windows then it means that my home is empty. So we sweep up the crumbs and hope to reserve a few minutes each day in order to recollect our thoughts, and we get up the next day and do it all over again. Our payment? A few sticky kisses, a funny drawing to hang on the wall, sleepy “I love you”s that are whispered at bed time. Keep hanging on dear friend. We are all imperfect. Anyone who thinks she isn’t is delusional. Or very heavily medicated. Or both."

...So the bottom line is, yes, I believe we are all making a difference, as mothers - even if there's a lot of mess, grumpiness, frustrations and hair-tearing along the way. Every time we get up at night to nurse or comfort a child, every time we cook something that makes our loved ones smile. In all the seemingly modest ways, we are making a difference. 


Lady Anne said...

Your children will remember the warm cookies, stories read, jokes told, and sitting on the porch watching the storm come across the valley long after they forget that the house was tidy and the shelves were dusted.

Relax, my dear friend. Just relax.

Rose Godfrey said...

It was such a pleasant surprise to open up your blog to catch up today and see that you had posted this. Thank you, Anna, for your thoughts and very kind words.