Monday, March 14, 2016

Pesach cleaning, schedules and resentment

Purim is nearly here - which, at least in our household, means we're already busy cleaning for Pesach. Some people actually relish the chance to scrub out every little long forgotten nook and cranny, but I'll admit this isn't my favorite season. Our day to day life, while simple, is full - and when extra cleaning creeps into my schedule, it feels like a thief trying to rob me - of peace, tranquillity, adequate rest, time with my children and the very limited time I have for hobbies and personal projects. All gives way to cleaning the top of the kitchen cabinets, because maybe some long-lost crumb had found its way there somehow.

I realize all these spots - the tops of kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, pantry shelves etc - do need to be cleaned some time, and without Pesach looming on the horizon I would have little incentive to do so. Still, I can't love the feverish business of these spring weeks - especially as the lovely weather is so inviting to be out.

My husband usually contrives something to make things easier for me. For example last year we needed to replace our stovetop,  which was done just a few days before Pesach so that I could simply throw the old one away without bothering to clean it. Another year, we had a new refrigerator delivered shortly before the holiday. But of course we don't replace our kitchen appliances every year.

I always find it ironic that window-cleaning, the traditional Israeli pre-Pesach sport, should take place at such a particularly unlucky season - full of sand storms and dusty rains. Rationally I would say there is no point in cleaning the windows on the outside till the summer. But of course everybody still does it, including me.

This year I have a detailed schedule which will, hopefully, get me through the next six weeks with my sanity intact. Every day I get up knowing what I need to do, and when I'm done I hang up my mop and dust rag. I don't try to outrace myself, knowing that no matter how hard I drive at those kitchen cabinets, there will still be plenty to do the next day.

Moving at a turtle's pace, slow and steady 


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Mrs. Anna T said...

Deborah, my schedule is basically divided into day slots all the way to Pesach, with a job or several jobs in each slot. I doubt there is a point in posting it here, however, as each cleaning schedule is individually based (on the house, how much time you have, whatever). For example, it might be, "Sunday: clean windows" (Sunday is the Israeli Monday, you know), or "Monday: scrub the stove".