Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What I'd love to do right now

Just look at these two kitties snoozing on the front door mat - seeing them this morning filled me with envy. I really could use me a nice nap, after/in between all the cleaning, organizing, laundry, throwing out the garbage, last-minute scrubbing, etc... like every year, can't wait for Pesach to come so it will all be over!

Monday, April 11, 2016

A tiny dream home

At this frantic period, just about a week and a half before Pesach, I find myself fervently wishing for a beautiful tiny house, just like this one in the video - a place that would be neat, compact, efficient and fully utilized, with as few possessions as possible and all the peace and freedom I could possibly want.

Honestly, if you were to offer us this cabin tomorrow, I'd gladly move in. Wouldn't you? It just looks so beautiful and homey. And it's solar-powered!

In the meantime, I'm making a few steps in the right direction, such as pack away most of the children's toys and give up what isn't missed; thin out my closet and bookshelves, and try to put our storage shed in order.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The ordinary

I get up in the morning and change a diaper. Get breakfast to a chorus of, "what's taking so long? I'm hungry." I put tiny socks on tiny feet, unlock the coop and feed the chickens, start a load of laundry. I wash the dishes, dig into a reading exercise with the little ones, hang out the laundry and collect some eggs. I fix lunch and do some yard work, sew on a few missing buttons, think about what to make for dinner, bathe the baby, stop a huge sibling squabble, wash some more dishes, mop the floor, shoo a cat from under the kitchen table. I throw something simple on the stove and watch a magnificent sunset while it's cooking. I let myself exhale, tired after another full and busy day and more than ready to see the little people off to bed. 

I don't run a home business. I'm not on any committees or local councils, I don't do any regular volunteering. My home is far from spotless and I don't do any fancy cooking and baking. I love to crochet, draw and make candles, but do it all very sporadically and, in general, keep things simple. I'm lucky if I can snatch an hour to write after the kids are asleep. I don't own a car, so our outings (beyond walking distance) are rare and family-oriented. I'm notoriously bad about returning emails and phone calls. 

I don't have time, energy or inclination for the complicated. The simple and straightforward more than keeps my hands full. 

What about the natural human desire to stand out, to do something special? When we are young, we all think we'll do just that. Because we are unique, and nobody quite like us has ever existed before in the entire history of the universe. So am I doing something special? The prosaic answer is, not really. I cook, clean, wash clothes, wipe bottoms and spend a lot of time saying, "don't do that" and "give that back to your sister".

It's not the things that make it all special, but the people; and they are special because G-d had given them to me, and not to anybody else. It's not the swept floor and the clean sheets, but the wondrous eyes of the child watching a column of ants, it's conversation over dinner, discussion of an interesting story. It's a walk among yellow spring blossoms, the retelling of a dream, it's looking at a bird soaring in the sky. It's all the moments in between, and the giving of oneself, in the little things - in the everyday things, which ultimately add up to something beautiful, something that means more than we could have imagined, because it's life itself.