Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pesach and power shortages

It has been a long time since I was able to indulge myself in any stretch of time on the computer. Pesach - the last few frantic days, then the holiday itself - and later a few days with severe power shortages around here make me scarcely believe I'm actually sitting in front of the screen and typing (be it even a short post).

The power shortages, which lasted from about the beginning of the week until this evening, were trying but not fatal. I was mostly concerned about the contents of our freezer, but since it was packed and we avoided opening it, it was alright. Immediately after the power returned I peeked inside and saw that almost nothing has thawed. The insulation must be really good!

Overall the last couple of days had a slower, gentler rhythm to them. The running water functioned just fine. Like most homes in Israel, we have a solar water heater, and with our long sunny days we always have plenty of hot water for showers at this season. My only challenge was to get everything - dishes, kids' showers, mopping the floor - done before nightfall, which is about eight o'clock in May. Then it was time for some candlelit relaxation with stories and board games, and then bedtime. Really, if we could just keep the refrigerator going, I wouldn't mind the power going out for a week or two!

We've also been pretty busy in our chicken coop, accommodating the new broods that have hatched this week (and more to come, hopefully, next week). I took a snapshot of one of the tiny fluff balls - standing on the threshold of a wonderful new world! Our current resident rooster is a Black Brahma, so it's no wonder that almost all the chicks are black and all have feathered legs.

There is a lot of work to be done this season, and many projects I'm longing to get started at/pick up again. But amidst it all and along it all, I pray there will still be time for candlelight, stories, board games, baking, crafts, and other relaxing pursuits to be done together in our little home.

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