Friday, June 3, 2016

From around here

Our cats and chickens get along great. As you can see in this photo, even the little chicks can peacefully stroll across the yard right under the cat's nose. Intent on consuming a treat we just gave her, kitty doesn't display even the slightest bit of interest in them.


Kathy Thurman said...

So cute! I wish we were allowed to have chickens in my neighborhood :(

BTW I love reading your blog

Kathy T

Miu said...

Did you have to teach the cat or does it just not know it differently?

Mrs. Anna T said...

Kathy, thank you!

Miu, I suppose it's due to the cat having been brought up with chickens from a tiny kitten. They are just used to each other. It's remarkable that this cat is actually an excellent hunter, and preys upon rodents, lizards, etc, with great success - but never so much as tried to touch a chick.

Lady Anne said...

There was a video making the rounds of a family in Ireland (I think) who had a cat that raised their duckling, even to the point of allowing them to suckle. Of course, some people wrote and said "Ducks don't suckle", in spite of having just watched a film of them doing exactly that.

Once, we got a rabbit that was just a bit larger than our kittens, and they all rolled around in the cat nip. Other than the rabbit getting old enough to be, shall we says, interested in the opposite sex, we never had any problems with predatory behavior from any of the felines.